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Drag Reducing Agents

Drag Reducing Agents (DRAs): Improving operating costs without sacrificing pipeline throughput

Simply put, DRAs reduce the frictional pressure within the flow of a pipeline or conduit. Acting as buffers along the pipe wall, drag reducing agents are long-chain hydrocarbon polymers that decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent formation. DRAs enable operators to increase pipeline flow using the same amount of energy, or to decrease the pressure drop for the same fluid flow rate

Innospec’s industry-leading DRAs are engineered to solve the complex challenges that other drag reducers fail to effectively, efficiently address. Suitable for both crude and refined oil applications, OFS DRAs de-bottleneck pipeline systems without expensive equipment upgrades. They also reduce energy consumption by minimizing drag within the pipeline, lower operating pressures without sacrificing pipeline capacity, and prevent additional costs by eliminating both intermediate pump stations and new pipelines from system designs.

Less product, superior results.

Based on flow chemistry and fluid mechanics, OFS’s DRA product technology can be applied via a very low concentration dosage to increase throughput, reduce pipeline operating pressure, and cut energy costs. In addition, custom-built OFS skids are designed to inject precise amounts of a DRA into a pipeline to achieve the desired throughput for customers.

Innospec opens Texas DRA manufacturing facility.

Another customer advantage is the fact that IOFS now fully controls its own proprietary DRA products and processes, which means added efficiencies and faster service for customers on a global basis. In addition to manufacturing, IOFS also provides on-site commissioning and trial support for equipment, refilling tanks, and data monitoring.