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Basin-specific fluid systems that maximize oilfield stimulation


Innospec Oilfield Services (OFS) prides itself on co-developing proprietary stimulation systems to solve complex reservoir problems, lessen formation damage, and reduce unnecessary expense. In addition, we’re adept at replacing chemicals with optimized systems that can help our customers improve their bottom line.

Taking a systems approach, OFS’s technical teams work to optimize your fluid design by first reviewing the potential for production-related issues, and then, during stimulation, treating any issues that may arise. Next, we challenge conventional methodologies by building systems that reduce chemical usage and help reduce reservoir damage caused by lower polymer loadings.

Rather than compartmentalizing chemical programs, our focus is to start each project with a complete fluid analysis, then build a system that considers future production and helps secure flow assurance. We also understand that certain wells are more problematic and should be addressed separately for the purpose of reducing costs across the entire field. All to help you do more with less while further enhancing your results.

Quality Assurance

OFS’s full suite of discrete products and integrated fluid systems is specifically designed to address basin-specific requirements. Our completion chemical product line focuses on high quality, economic products that meet our rigorous QC testing protocol. OFS labs test source waters extensively to make certain our products and fluid systems are compatible with operator supplied waters and other third-party supplied chemicals.

Green Oilfield Chemistry

OFS takes seriously the concerns that regulators, customers and the community have regarding the use of oilfield chemicals. To that end, our nature-friendly products are developed to reduce the possibility of environmental hazards and drastically decrease the operational risk associated with stimulation and production chemicals. We strongly believe in using chemical products which, while being formulated for superior performance and cost effectiveness, are also engineered to help mitigate any negative impact on the environment and people.

Indeed, a notable percentage of our product components are used in the food industry and have already been approved for deployment in some of the world’s most environmentally sensitive areas.  More than just an oilfield chemical supplier, we think of ourselves as solutions providers. Everywhere OFS works, we partner with customers to ensure that they get a superior return on the investment they make in their wells.