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Crosslinkers consist of a mixture of salts and guar gel slurry to provide viscosity used for proppant transport in stimulation applications or cleaning treatments in pipelines. OFS offers a range of borate surface crosslinkers and delayed borate crosslinkers specifically designed for immediate or delayed viscosity.


Our VisLink 200 can effectively crosslink ultra-low loadings of guar base gels. Typical gel loadings used for the VisLink system range from 8 to 15 ppt. The resulting crosslinked fluid is specifically designed to complement slick water fracturing, providing friction reduction in high-rate applications, and enhancing fracture growth and proppant transport while decreasing polymer damage.

VisLink is the industry’s first fluid system that combines the advantages of slickwater and guar-based systems in hydraulic fracturing

For decades, companies have pursued chemical technologies to help maximize production and reduce costs. Slickwater fracs were reintroduced as a less expensive, less damaging alternative to conventional crosslinked gel treatments. Now, hybrid fracs (slickwater/guar) are used to improve proppant transport over slickwater. VisLink accomplishes both in a single chemistry.

Holders of many pivotal industry patents, OFS veteran chemists developed the VisLink system for a South Texas customer seeking a more effective crosslinker system—one that would maintain proppant transports while lowering guar loadings to help decrease polymer damage and reduce costs.

When properly formulated, VisLink is proven to provide a host of advantages, including:

  • Fewer chemicals needed for equal results
  • Controls friction pressure for high-rate applications
  • Enhances fracture width development and growth
  • Excellent proppant transport; better proppant carry capacity than slickwater
  • Less damaging than conventional cross-linked fracturing fluid

HiBrine XL using 100% produced water

HiBrine XL fluid system uses high TDS water to create a high viscosity frac fluid.


A breakthrough system that produces a robust, high-viscosity frac fluid in high TDS waters.

Introducing the crosslinked frac fluid that turns produced water into a resource—not an expense.

The process for recovering oil and gas from ultra-low permeable shales is expensive. Produced and fresh water costs, along with those for the transport and disposal of recovered water in saltwater disposal wells, are daunting. Using produced or high TDS water in fracturing fluid has been limited due to water-chemical incompatibilities. And the high cost of brine- tolerant chemicals and concern for fracture damage has only added to the challenges at hand.

Understanding the challenges that many of our clients face, Innospec Oilfield Services (IOFS) has developed HiBrine XL—a fracturing fluid specifically designed to use high TDS and flowback waters.

Utilizing a proprietary blend of crosslinkers, the HiBrine XL fluid is optimized for near neutral pH environments, and easily degrades. And because this system can be mixed in produced waters, water reuse slashes your disposal cost. Furthermore, the amount of fresh water needed to conduct your frac treatment can now be eliminated. In addition, the cost of this versatile fluid system stays low because it’s based on 35/40 grade guar gum, a treatment that easily hydrates in all waters—and bests more expensive derivatized polymers.


  • Uses 100% untreated produced water
  • Robust performance up to 250 °F
  • Stable in over 250,000 ppm TDS
  • Uses 35/40 guar
  • Crosslinking at near-neutral pH
  • High tolerance to iron, magnesium and boron
  • Shear thinning, but non-shear degrading
  • High viscosity for fracture geometry development
  • Good elasticity for efficient proppant transport
  • Minimizes waste water disposal cost