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Friction Reducers


Friction Reducers

Friction reducers are intended to reduce the friction in the wellbore during the drilling and stimulation processes in unconventional reservoirs such as coal beds and shales. The large volumes of water pumped and high rates required result in high friction pressures from turbulent fluid flow. Cationic or anionic friction reducers reduce turbulence and minimize friction losses. Innospec Oilfield Services offers wide range of friction reducer formulations.


OFS offers a wide range of proprietary formula liquid or dry friction reducers specifically designed for the unconventional challenges that face many clients today: to deliver lower pumping pressures using less product in less time.

HiRate Plus is the latest FR introduced. HiRate Plus is an invert polymer emulsion-based FR that is specifically designed for ultra-fast inversion and hydration, imparting significantly improved friction reduction efficiency.

Easy to mix and meter, the HiRate Plus system— unlike conventional emulsion-based FRs—is based on a higher polymer activity that allows less product per stage; thereby saving operators time and money. If chasing pump rate, the product has a better pressure to rate ratio than the conventional FRs, allowing higher treating rates.