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Gelling Agents

Gelling Agents

Gelling agents are the starting foundation for most traditional crosslinker fluid systems. Mixed with other components, these gelling agents provide fluid loss control, viscosity control, and proppant carrying capacity.  Innospec Oilfield Services (IOFS) has worked with guar vendors to select 3540 grade, fast-hydrating refined mineral oil.  The optimized product and loadings are normally determined by laboratory testing.


The LFC suite of guar gum slurries consist of a 3540 grade, fast hydrating guar gum dispersed in refined mineral oil. These slurries are designed based on critical well parameters. To determine optimized loading, further laboratory testing is recommended.


The FracGel suite of fast hydrating, high viscosity guar powder is specifically designed for a wide range of formation conditions. Product selection and loading are determined through laboratory testing.


Delayed borate crosslinker that can effectively crosslink ultra-low loadings of guar base gels. Typical gel loadings used for the VisLink system range from 8 to 15 ppt. The resulting crosslinked fluid is specifically designed to complement slick water fracturing, providing friction reduction in high-rate applications, and enhanced fracture growth and proppant transport while decreasing polymer damage.